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New Zealand Visa Medical Examination for INZ 1201+1096 (Aged 11-14) (SCH-IME-00016)

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客戶必須於3個月內 (由確認付款日期起計) 使用有關檢查,逾期作廢。詳情請檢閱 購買須知
The customer must use the relevant examination within 3 months (from the date of confirmation of payment), and it will be invalid after the deadline. Please refer Purchase Notes for details.

Since the early 1990s, UMP has been offering medical examinations in Hong Kong and Mainland China for overseas visa application. Our medical centres have been accredited and selected by the Canadian, New Zealand, British, and Australian consulates as designated Visa Medical Examination centres for immigrant visa, student visa, working holiday visa or working visa applications. The examination package will be customized according to the requirements of the visa types.

Click HERE for online booking or call our designated service hotline for further details:

If the required date is not available online, please contact with our service hotline for further enquiries.



New Zealand:        (852) 3950 8898



  • 512 Limited Medical Examination
  • 502 Chest X-Ray Examination


Due to the increasing demand on Visa medical examination, we strongly recommend client to reserve appointment in advance. We may not be able to serve walk-in cases on the same day. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your attention.



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